The game of MEGAcquire GOLD has now been funded on Kickstarter.  To those who pledged on Kickstarter, thank you.  Your pledges are very much appreciated.   For those of you who have not yet pledged, the project will run on Kickstarter until Monday, August 17th, at 12:06 am PDT.  If you pledge on Kickstarter, you can get MEGAcquire GOLD for $50.  When the Kickstarter project ends, the game will cost more, so it is best to pay for it now through the Kickstarter project.

MEGAcquire GOLD Kickstarter Progress

MEGAcquire GOLD- Board Game Inspired by the Game of ACQUIRE -- Kicktraq Mini

MEGAcquire contains a six-page Rules Booklet that includes a list of the contents of the game along with the rules for playing MEGAcquire. To see the contents of the Rules Booklet, go to the How to Play MEGAcquire page.

MEGAcquire Instruction Booklet


MEGAcquire GOLD Box

MEGAcquire GOLD is my next step in continuing the quest to expand Sid Sackson's magnificent ideas and get them onto as many gaming tables as possible. We have made a few minor changes between the production run of MEGAcquire and this next production run of MEGAcquire GOLD. The money has been changed to prepaid debit cards and the denominations have been raised to 1, 5, 10, & 50 million. Players can now become a billionaire in the game of MEGAcquire GOLD.

The rule booklet has a new cover. Included in the booklet is a sample game narration to help first time players. There is also a Stock Price Extension Chart that is used to help calculate payouts when companies are taken over and the payouts at the end of the game.

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  • MEGAcquire GOLD
  • MEGAcquire Game Board
  • MEGAcquire GOLD Tile
  • MEGAcquire GOLD Game Markers
  • MEGAcquire GOLD Luster Hotel Marker
  • MEGAcquire GOLD Watts Corporation Marker
  • MEGAcquire GOLD Quasar Corporation Marker
  • MEGAcquire GOLD Hotel and Corporation Designations
  • MEGAcquire GOLD
  • MEGAcquire GOLD 1M Copper Debit Card
  • Back of MEGAcquire GOLD 1M Copper Debit Card
  • MEGAcquire GOLD 5M Bronze Debit Card
  • Back of MEGAcquire GOLD 5M Bronze Debit Card
  • MEGAcquire GOLD 10M Silver Debit Card
  • Back of MEGAcquire GOLD 10M Silver Debit Card
  • MEGAcquire GOLD 50M Gold Debit Card
  • Back of MEGAcquire GOLD 50M Gold Debit Card
  • MEGAcquire GOLD
  • Luster Hotel Stock Certificate
  • Teton Hotel Stock Certificate
  • Fanfare Hotel Stock Certificate
  • Global Hotel Stock Certificate
  • Arcadia Hotel Stock Certificate
  • Krause Hotel Stock Certificate
  • Regal Hotel Stock Certificate
  • MEGAcquire GOLD
  • Solon Corporation Stock Certificate
  • Unity Corporation Stock Certificate
  • Helix Corporation Stock Certificate
  • Digital Corporation Stock Certificate
  • Watts Corporation Stock Certificate
  • Quasar Corporation Stock Certificate
  • Physics Corporation Stock Certificate
  • MEGAcquire GOLD
  • Back of MEGAcquire GOLD Stock Certificate
  • MEGAcquire GOLD Information Card
  • MEGAcquire GOLD



Note: The game of ACQUISITIONS ran on two unsuccessful Kickstarter Projects in the Spring of 2020 and will definitely be back again. This board game will be an exciting new adventure for the ACQUIRE fan and hopefully you can be one of the first to own this thrilling new game capable of bringing family and friends together to enjoy some fun-filled entertainment.

ACQUISITIONS is a game inspired by the game of ACQUIRE. It is a game that is directed towards building a Kingdom of wealth. Long ago, in distant times, Kingdoms were sometimes won and lost by mighty armies. Battles were waged to gain the lands and treasures held within the Kingdom under siege. Yet always behind these mighty armies were the Kings and Queens with their vaults of gold, silver, and bronze. Wealth has always driven the ownership of land. Kingdoms were always built on wealth.

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2012 MEGAcquire

2012 MEGAcquire

MEGAcquire is an exciting journey of strategy and luck through the corporate world. Live in the world of fun and fortune as you maneuver to outwit your opponents. Build and merge companies while shrewdly buying, trading, and selling stocks to become the wealthiest player. It was inspired by the Sid Sackson game of ACQUIRE and is designed to extend the experience of a treasured keepsake, while at the same time creating an atmosphere of competition that is undecided until the end.

The game of MEGAcquire was created because I always envisioned a larger game of ACQUIRE, and I wanted it to be manufactured in a nice factory form instead of a hand-created version. I envisioned an ACQUIRE game that had more options, lasted longer, and made it more difficult to keep track of who was invested in what. With the help of Michael and Lisa Spahitz of Board Game Manufacturing, MEGAcquire became a reality.

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