Production of MEGAcquire GOLD is ramping up.  MEGAcquire GOLD is a board game that takes you on an exciting journey through the corporate world of building empires.  While playing this game, you will develop strategies and wish for a bit of luck here and there to help you create more wealth than any other player.  You can now pre-order MEGAcquire GOLD on INDIEGOGO for $63.00.  A limited number of games will be produced.  Don't miss out.  Pre-order your copy today!

MEGAcquire Rules Booklet

MEGAcquire contains a six-page Rules Booklet that includes a list of the contents of the game along with the rules for playing MEGAcquire. To see the contents of the Rules Booklet, go to the How to Play MEGAcquire page.

MEGAcquire Instruction Booklet