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The Acquisition Games website is derived from my long desire to promote and enhance the Sid Sackson game of ACQUIRE.


I played my first game of ACQUIRE in 1979. I thought the game was skewed towards one player as I sat through the entire game without any money and without any general input into the outcome of the game. I was essentially a spectator that was forced to play tiles. I liked the overall concept of the game of ACQUIRE, but I thought the game could offer so much more for all players involved.

I formulated some rule changes to help bring the game back into the reality of corporate America and to help the game become “new player friendly.” I figured that the more friends I could attract to the game, the more times I could play. The changes also helped to make the game undecided until the final count of money. That aspect allowed every player to stay involved in the game until the end.

I developed a lot of other ideas for the game of ACQUIRE, but decided to keep them to myself for many years. In 2006, my older sister convinced me to make my rules available to everybody. That began a journey that has brought me to this website.

Since that decision in 2006, I have surrounded my life with advancing the game of ACQUIRE. The Acquisition Games website offers my ideas and research to anyone who is interested. The goal of this website is to add something to the experience of playing the game of ACQUIRE. In other words, attempt all means possible to attract as many people as possible to this fantastic game. I find far too many vintage ACQUIRE games that have never been played or need repair to be played and my hope is to get them to people who will be interested in playing them.

ACQUIRE is a game that was developed from one of the best board game ideas of all time. This idea was envisioned by Sid Sackson in the form of a game called "Vacation." This original idea of Sid Sackson should assume it's position as one of the greatest game ideas of all time and that is our mission. Share this website with your friends and family who are not familiar with the game of ACQUIRE. Once they know there is true enjoyment that can be experienced when they play a game of ACQUIRE, they will help spread the word.

Vintage ACQUIRE Games
Vintage ACQUIRE Games

If you are missing strategic game pieces from your vintage ACQUIRE game we offer replacement parts. Though these games have been long forgotten by the corporate giants who created them, you can still fix your game with the parts offered in the Acquisition Games store, which will allow you to enjoy playing your ACQUIRE game for years to come.

We also offer expansions for the game of ACQUIRE, including "Lloyd’s Rules of ACQUIRE," which will allow you to have options in your experience with the game. If you are in need of a vintage ACQUIRE game, we offer numerous choices for that also. All of these items and more are available at the Acquisition Games store.

One of the most extensive sections of the Acquisition Games website is the "History of ACQUIRE" section. In this section you will find articles that take you from the Origin of the Game of ACQUIRE all the way through to Hasbro's 2016 edition of ACQUIRE. Unfortunately this most recent edition sadly puts the current failures of the corporate world on full display concerning the game of ACQUIRE.

Past failures of the corporate world concerning Sid's original ideas and their desire to save money are also on full display in the "Origin of the Game of ACQUIRE" article. In this history you can read how Sid Sackson's original ideas for the game of Vacation were altered by the 3M Corporation, which created a detrimental effect on the potential popularity and sales of the game of ACQUIRE. Through the years, the corporations who have continued to own the rights to the game of ACQUIRE refuse to use Sid's original ideas as even a "Special Edition, or to even provide the game of ACQUIRE with any new creative input or expansion.

Sid Sackson and his legendary games collection (photo courtesy of Nick Koudis)
Sid Sackson and his legendary games collection (photo courtesy of Nick Koudis)

Also in this "History of ACQUIRE" section, you can read about the various German versions of ACQUIRE that have been produced, and discover other international versions of ACQUIRE that you may not have known existed. There is also an extensive article about a version of ACQUIRE that was never manufactured. Just use the links in the Main Menu on the left to navigate through this extensive History of ACQUIRE.

In a sense, every detail that can be known about the game of ACQUIRE can be found on the Acquisition Games website. However, if you have additional information you would like to share, please contact me.

I created an expansion of ACQUIRE in 2012 in the form of MEGAcquire. I was only able to produce 500 games, but that at least allowed many thousands of people to enjoy the experience of a larger and enhanced version of ACQUIRE. The Hasbro Corporation asked me to change the name, so I tried to produce the game twice again under the name of MEGAcquisitions, but was unsuccessful. Without any advanced promotion, I tried another Kickstarter project for MEGAcquire II in 2018, which generated orders for over 200 games, but still fell short of the goal.

I decided to go in a different direction with the ACQUIRE genre and did a complete re-envisioning of my ideas to blend them with ideas from the game of ACQUIRE that were either lost or never used. I took the concept of acquiring total wealth back to the past and created the game of ACQUISITIONS: Acquire a Kingdom of Wealth. I ran two unsuccessful Kickstarter Projects in the Spring of 2020 for this game. There was a lot of interest in this new game, actually attracting people who had no idea about the game of ACQUIRE, and I will attempt to make it again.

On July 25, 2020, MEGAcquire GOLD debuted on Kickstarter and was successfully funded. The games are now available and ready to ship. Forward to the Past. Acquire your piece of the GOLD!!

I appreciate your interest in the Acquisition Games website and I hope it will be helpful in your experience with the game of ACQUIRE.

~ Lloyd Solon


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MEGAcquire GOLD is my next step in continuing the quest to expand Sid Sackson's magnificent ideas and get them onto as many gaming tables as possible.

MEGAcquire GOLD Game Components
MEGAcquire GOLD Game Components

We have made a few minor changes between the production run of MEGAcquire and this next production run of MEGAcquire GOLD. The money has been changed to prepaid debit cards and the denominations have been raised to 1, 5, 10, & 50 million. Players can now become a billionaire in the game of MEGAcquire GOLD.

The rule booklet has a new cover. Included in the booklet is a sample game narration to help first time players. There is also a Stock Price Extension Chart that is used to help calculate payouts when companies are taken over and to help calculate the payouts at the end of the game.

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MEGAcquire GOLD Game Components