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One of the most extensive sections of the Acquisition Games website is this "History of ACQUIRE" section.  In this section you will find articles that take you from the Origin of the Game of ACQUIRE all the way through to Hasbro's 2016 edition of ACQUIRE, which sadly puts the current failures of the corporate world on full display.

The past failures of the corporate world are also on full display in the "Origin of the Game of ACQUIRE" article.  There you can read how Sid Sackson's ideas were commandeered and altered by the 3M Corporation, which unfortunately has had a detrimental effect on the game of ACQUIRE that continues to this day.

Also in this "History of ACQUIRE" section, you can read about the various German versions of ACQUIRE that have been produced, and discover other international versions of ACQUIRE that you may not have known existed.  There is also an extensive article about a version of ACQUIRE that was never manufactured.  Just use the links to navigate through this extensive history of ACQUIRE.

In a sense, every detail that can be known about the game of ACQUIRE can be found on the Acquisition Games website.  However, if you have additional information you would like to share, please contact me.

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