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Welcome to Acquisition Games!

The Acquisition Games website is derived from my long desire to promote and enhance the Sid Sackson game of ACQUIRE.

I played my first game of ACQUIRE in 1979. I thought the game was skewed towards one player as I sat through the entire game without any money and
without any general input into the outcome of the game. I was essentially a spectator that was forced to play tiles. I liked the overall concept of the game of ACQUIRE, but I thought it could offer so much more.

I formulated some rule changes to help bring the game back into the reality of corporate America and to help the game become “new player friendly.” I figured that the more friends I could attract to the game, the more times I could play. The changes also helped to make the game undecided until the final count of money. That aspect allowed every player to stay involved in the game until the end.

I developed a lot of other ideas for the game of ACQUIRE, but decided to keep them to myself for many years. In 2006, my older sister convinced me to make my rules available to everybody. That began a journey that has brought me to this website.

Since that decision in 2006, I have surrounded my life with advancing the game of ACQUIRE. The Acquisition Games Website offers my ideas and research to anyone who is interested. I find far too many 40 to 50 year old ACQUIRE games that have never been played. The goal of this website is to add something to the experience of playing the game of ACQUIRE and to hopefully get these games played many times. The goal is also to attract as many people to this fantastic game as possible and to help ACQUIRE fulfill its rightful position as the best board game ever. The hope is that you will share this website with others to help them find the true enjoyment of the game of ACQUIRE.

If you are missing strategic game pieces from your vintage ACQUIRE game we offer replacement parts. Though these games have been long forgotten by the corporate giants who created them, you can still fix your game with the parts offered in the Acquisition Games store, which will allow you to enjoy playing your ACQUIRE game for years to come. We also offer enhancements for the game of ACQUIRE, including Lloyd’s Rules of ACQUIRE, which will allow you to expand your experience with the game. If you are in need of a vintage ACQUIRE game, we offer numerous choices for that also.

One of the most extensive sections of the Acquisition Games website is the "History of ACQUIRE" section. In that section you will find articles that take you from the Origin of the Game of ACQUIRE all the way through to Hasbro's 2016 edition of ACQUIRE, which sadly puts the current failures of the corporate world on full display. The past failures of the corporate world are also on full display in the Origin of the Game of ACQUIRE article. There you can read how Sid Sackson's ideas were commandeered and altered by the 3M Corporation, which unfortunately has had a detrimental effect on the game of ACQUIRE that continues to this day.

In the "History of ACQUIRE" section, you can also read about the various German versions of ACQUIRE that have been produced, and discover other international versions of ACQUIRE that you may not have known existed. You will also find an extensive article about a version of ACQUIRE that was never manufactured. In a sense, every detail that can be known about the game of ACQUIRE can be found on the Acquisition Games website. If I don't know it, then I hope you tell me.

I created an expansion of ACQUIRE in 2012 in the form of MEGAcquire. I was only able to produce 500 games, but that at least allowed many thousands of people to enjoy the experience of a larger and enhanced version of ACQUIRE. The Hasbro Corporation asked me to change the name, so I tried to produce the game twice again under the name of MEGAcquisitions, but was unsuccessful. Without any advanced promotion I tried another Kickstarter project for MEGAcquire II in 2018, which generated orders for over 200 games, but still fell short of the goal. Since I seem to be able to use the name of MEGAcquire without any interference, I hope to try again with a project called MEGAcquire Gold in the future.

At the present time I have decided to go in a different direction with the ACQUIRE genre. I did a complete re-envisioning of my ideas to blend them with ideas from the game of ACQUIRE that were either lost or never used. I have then taken the concept of acquiring total wealth back to the past. I introduce to you the game of ACQUISITIONS: Acquire a Kingdom of Wealth.

The game of ACQUISITIONS has a board with 120 hexagons that are arranged into four different quadrants with 30 hexagons each. This reduces the probability of chance from 108:1 in the game of ACQUIRE, or 182:1 in MEGAcquire, to 30:1 in the game of ACQUISITIONS that a player can play any card in their hand on every turn.

Oh yes, there are no designated tiles. The game of ACQUISITIONS will use Destination Cards and Buildings to build a landscape of Kingdoms. Each Kingdom will also have a different amount of Kingdom Cards that can be purchased so that keeping track of majorities becomes more difficult.

The game of ACQUISITIONS is now on Kickstarter and will run until July 4, 2020.  If you love ACQUIRE and you desire something more, don't miss out on your chance to be one of the first to own this new, exciting game.  It will be hard to put it back on the shelf.

I appreciate your interest in the Acquisition Games website and I hope it will be helpful.

~ Lloyd Solon



NOTE: The game of ACQUISITIONS is now on Kickstarter and will run until July 4, 2020.  This board game will be an exciting new adventure for the ACQUIRE fan, and if enough money is raised, ACQUISITIONS will become a reality. Support us on Kickstarter and be one of the first to own this thrilling new game capable of bringing family and friends together to enjoy some fun-filled entertainment. 

ACQUISITIONS is a game inspired by the game of ACQUIRE. It is a game that is directed towards building a Kingdom of wealth. Long ago, in distant times, Kingdoms were sometimes won and lost by mighty armies. Battles were waged to gain the lands and treasures held within the Kingdom under siege. Yet always behind these mighty armies were the Kings and Queens with their vaults of gold, silver, and bronze. Wealth has always driven the ownership of land. Kingdoms were always built on wealth.

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  • ACQUISITIONS Rules Booklet Cover
  • ACQUISITION Building Shapes
  • ACQUISITIONS Buildings and Crest Stones
  • A-1 ACQUISITIONS Destination Card
  • E-6 ACQUISITIONS Destination Card
  • ACQUISITIONS Destination Card Backs
  • ACQUISITIONS Copper Coin Front
  • ACQUISITIONS Copper Coin Back
  • ACQUISITIONS Bronze Coin Front
  • ACQUISITIONS Bronze Coin Back
  • ACQUISITIONS Silver Coin Front
  • ACQUISITIONS Silver Coin Back
  • ACQUISITIONS Gold Coin Front
  • ACQUISITIONS Gold Coin Back
  • Solon Clan - ACQUISITIONS Kingdom Card
  • Watts Castle - ACQUISITIONS Kingdom Card
  • Wizards Den - ACQUISITIONS Kingdom Card
  • Falcon Crest - ACQUISITIONS Kingdom Card
  • House of Krause - ACQUISITIONS Kingdom Card
  • Draconian Tower - ACQUISITIONS Kingdom Card
  • Lions Head - ACQUISITIONS Kingdom Card
  • ACQUISITIONS Kingdom Cards Back

ACQUIRE Replacement Parts and Kits

I offer replacement parts for vintage ACQUIRE games so you can fix your old game and continue to enjoy many more years of your treasured classic. I have developed enhancements for the game of ACQUIRE, including the largest variant of them all, the game of MEGAcquire. I am attempting to take the game of ACQUIRE to levels that add intrigue for the longtime ACQUIRE fan, while at the same time, broadening their game experience.

While working towards this goal, the most astonishing fact I learned was that the game of ACQUIRE, (actually Vacation,) was played differently in its original form. By creating the 1963 World Map Conversion Kit, I can offer players the ability to recreate those original Sid Sackson rules, before they were drastically altered by the 3M company, within their own edition of ACQUIRE, whether you own a 3M, Avalon Hill or 1999 Hasbro edition. The 1963 World Map Conversion Kit is also available for the game of MEGAcquire.

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Acquire Kits

    Special Powers Variant Kit  

    Wild Tile Kit  
  • 1963 World Map Conversion Kit
  • Special Powers Variant Kit
  • Wild Tile Kit

The Game of MEGAcquire

2012 MEGAcquire

2012 MEGAcquire

MEGAcquire is an exciting journey of strategy and luck through the corporate world. Live in the world of fun and fortune as you maneuver to outwit your opponents. Build and merge companies while shrewdly buying, trading, and selling stocks to become the wealthiest player. It was inspired by the Sid Sackson game of ACQUIRE and is designed to extend the experience of a treasured keepsake, while at the same time creating an atmosphere of competition that is undecided until the end.

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